Art Gallery M

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A carefully orchestrated sequence of rooms celebrates the entrance to the art gallery almost as much as the art itself. A place of happiness, poetry, pleasure and inspiration.
The prelude: A blue door leads into a luscious sky-blue room that purposely transports the visitor into a completely different ambience. At the end of this room, a sliding wooden panel leads into a walk-in sculpture made of smoked oak. The deliberate height jump to the gallery introduces a dramatised effect, directing the eye towards a sublime floor mural surrounded by a dark room. A space where the contours fade in significance. A place where time refuses to be felt. A gallery that is less about physical appearance and more about addressing sensory perception and the connection between art and the viewer. Once in the main room, the walls are left bare as a theatrical stage for the artwork, as only the artworks themselves shine in a focussed light. The entire room, almost sculptural like a still life, honours the art and gives it the setting it deserves.
Submerged in blue
The art library
The scenic walk through a wooden sculpture
the gallery
wrapped in lusciousness
An exquisite antique rug
Pivoting Door
Jacqueline, my muse
The walls are fully panelled in black wood material. The perforation in the wooden panels, which serves as a mount for the artworks, allows paintings to be arranged with complete flexibility.
A pivoting door, which disguises itself as yet another wall panel covered with art, leads to a depository that resembles a hidden treasure vault. Even more works of art await their moment to be displayed inside.
Realised: 2023Photographer: Christian Borth
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