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While classic gyms tend to focus on performance, the urbanhealthclub is an oasis of wellbeing, celebrating an overall holistic approach to health.
Feeling comfortable in your own skin is the top priority on these premises. At the entrance, you are welcomed by a spatial sculpture composed of black wooden slats, housing a bar and a selection of health-food products. The slats are a gentle filter to the training- and functional areas, allowing guests to arrive in an embracing gesture of the architecture.
Entrance . bar
Lounge . Bar
structure of the studio
View from the first to the ground floor
Changing Rooms . detail
Changing Rooms
Changing Rooms . detail
materials . lighting
workout area
training area
Stacked volumes in the old industrial hall architecturally structure the studio.
The result: Alternating open and more hidden spaces, where every visitor is able to find his or her perfect place to work out. Light, material, routing, visual references, darkness and light are carefully chosen and consequently make the guest feel strong and energized, secure and protected in a refined setting.
client: urbanhealthclub GmbHLocation: Ludwigsburgrealised: Februar 2020
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