Villa K

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Apart from a family of four, a natural sense of calm and gentleness take over this new building.
The fireplace is still crackling. Space-defining cabinetry made of smooth dark wood in combination with pure natural stone radiates purist elegance. A light aluminium window structure frames a picturesque landscape of orchards and meadows. Even though warm wood and cool concrete are opposites, they have a certain earthiness in common. The house has an air of calm, creating a state of momentum - precisely as much as is needed and as little as is necessary.
View into the living and dining area
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chosen materials . living area
View of the orchard . mood
chosen materials
Architecture and chosen materials speak a language that can be summarised as "Pure". Elegant wooden sliding doors between solid concrete wall slabs act as a filter between the living area and adjoining rooms. Partition walls in the living area were dispensed with - creating a large and quiet open space instead of multiple small room units.
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